New office

I’m searching for a job, I want to work with SABB now. I’ve changed a lot through the years and I’m not the same no more. They say when you don’t change you don’t evolve. I opened a new account on Pinterest and I loved what I’m becoming. I tried writing poetry endlessly but it seems upsetting because I lack vocabulary and experience, I found myself writing prose instead and it’s sounded pretty so far. Should I get back on writing in Arabic? Or no? Recently I was watching the crown season four because season five will drop on November 9 so I took a moment to recall and recover what I was watching, it’s lovely I enjoyed every bit of it.

Yesterday, on 27 Oct I started watching Dubai bling and I kinda like it, the lifestyle, the luxury, but it seems they’re acting which is kinda weird. I bought my new office from ikea couple of days ago and I love my new writing sanctuary. All white and clean just fits my personality. Last week on 23rd of Oct. I had a pedicure and manicure session with a worker from lavender spa; a home spa service. I did my nails wonderful sheer white tip like in French nails with square shape, the worker was good and nice to me and I loved the service.


Published by Somayah

Born in 8th of July, 1993. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia living in Taif now! somayah m. is a home-loving person, who values intelligence, paper journals and hot cup of chocolate on a winter night. I enjoy the peaceful moments, Mahmoud Darwish’s poetry, reflecting, reading & writing and never neglect the small things or the little enjoyments.

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