Born in 8th of July, 1993. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia living in Taif now! somyah m. yahya is a home-loving human, who values intelligence, paper journals and hot cup of chocolate on a winter night. I learn my self a new skill everyday, trying to be vegetarian most of the time but I can’t get my hand off a seafood plate. I take some lovely footages when ever I had the chance to take my camera with me, I had my first digital camera when I was sixteen, probably in 2009 and now I have a fujifilm since 2015. I have unlimited interest in the arts as science, I love modernism, minimalism and cinema. My favorite films are: Léon (The Professional), Revolver, The Good Shepherd and every Joaquin Phoenix’s movie. I listened to tons of music from LDR to Frédéric Chopin but nothing makes me obsessed like Depeche Mode or Killing Joke, the last one wins with 10× listening times during one month and this infatuation led me to admire British culture in general, wishing one day I would be able to live there in the north country part or Scotland. My minimal record collection includes: Marcel Khalifé: Fall of the Moon, Arvo Pärt: Musica Selecta and Tabula rasa. My very first books I read were about Philosophy for Nietzsche & Schopenhauer and Indeed it shaped my vision and gives a solid foundation for my beliefs as a kid, a resourceful background I still back to whenever I needed. I fell in love with more roses, almond blossoms and beyond, the old man & the sea, les fleurs du mal and pale fire. Finally, I enjoy the peaceful moments, Mahmoud Darwish’s poetry, reflecting, reading & writing and never neglect the small things or the little enjoyments.


An afternoon sun and sea at ward e-mag, October 2018
Mandolin at jaffat el aqlam, January 2019
I did not recede at jaffat el aqlam, January 2019
Nostalgia to the beginning at jaffat el aqlam, January 2019
Tintinnabular notes at ward e-mag, March 2021

26524 Taif, SA

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