First day

I’ve got my monthly salary today as an online, working from home employee but I’ve told you that I want to work in real place with real office just to uplift my life a little bit. It’s the first day of November and here to new beautiful beginnings and new start. It’s starting getting colderContinue reading “First day”

This little girl has grown up

It’s august already and I’m feeling happy, I try to apply for the university but unfortunately another problem appears from nowhere! They says registration is completely online there is no handling documents or sending it by postal services, therefore I apply online but they said “you don’t have information in noor admission’s gate so pleaseContinue reading “This little girl has grown up”

My birthday’s songs through the years

20; 311- sunset in July 21; Ólafur Arnalds – brim 22; Foals – a knife in the ocean 23; Fairouz – sallimly alayh 24; Hippie Sabotage – devil eyes 25; Ryuichi Sakamoto – Solari (Piano Version) 26; Turnover – sunshine type 27; Grimes – violence 28; Far caspian – July 29; SWIM – trust &Continue reading “My birthday’s songs through the years”


First days of July comes softly, summer nights are never over. Jupiter in Aries for a year ahead now and it’s in my second house, it’s all about realizing your self worth and there’s definitely some good karma here coming to help you and shift changing you for better not for worse. And Im readyContinue reading “29”

Leather boots

Quite cold nights, sincere laughs and talks, family gatherings, warm dinner meals and change is between the sheets. The world is still struggling with COVID, the vaccine appears to the surface but I didn’t take it yet, and it happens that I’m not one of COVID survivors. Me and all of my family were somehowContinue reading “Leather boots”

I feel nostalgic to memories I never left, to memories I live with everyday I don’t want to leave it, don’t want to. Music, coffee, studying for hours & lying almost dead, doing nothing. Waking up on my mother’s voice, knowing always I’ll be back home. Tears never dried. So lie here my darling, lieContinue reading

1/8 is the day

I wanted to write about the moment when stopped crying every day, the moment I was free, the moment when the government decided to let us breath a bit, we as women. In 1/8/2019 the government made few adjustments on traveling documents and they state that everyone above 21 can issue a passport without agreementContinue reading “1/8 is the day”