I feel nostalgic to memories I never left, to memories I live with everyday I don’t want to leave it, don’t want to. Music, coffee, studying for hours & lying almost dead, doing nothing. Waking up on my mother’s voice, knowing always I’ll be back home. Tears never dried. So lie here my darling, lieContinue reading

July: Notes from the past

Monday, tenth of July, It’s difficult to find the right words to describe Killing Joke’s history or musical impressions. I’ve always been fascinated about Jaz Coleman’s reflections on different subjects. For those who didn’t know him, he’s the leading singer and lyricist of this ancient post-punk band. Jaz Coleman is also a theologian, author ofContinue reading “July: Notes from the past”

June: Recreating borders

I heard bad news today, Wensday 1st of June two thousands and sixteen, I was expected to get out of this institution on thirty of May but unfortunately my social specialist, whom’s responsible on my case, surprisingly telling me that we have to spend another ten days here, because of the weird second investigation! AsContinue reading “June: Recreating borders”